Human Development Education Policy

All McMillen Health human development programs will be taught from an abstinence until marriage basis because abstinence is the only 100% sure way to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

If students ask a question regarding contraceptives, the Health Educator will ask permission to answer the question from the teacher or adult representative of the attending organization and then, if permitted, answer the question factually.  The Health Educator will then point out that abstinence is the only 100% sure way of preventing pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

If the teacher or adult representative of the organization does not give permission to answer the question regarding contraceptives, the individuals attending will be encouraged to ask their parent, teacher or other trusted adult.

When teaching minor individuals, Health Educators will always recommend that questions regarding human development information should be addressed to their parents, teachers or another trusted adult.

Information Policy

The information presented on this website or any others linked to this website is basic information for children, teenagers and adults and should not be considered professional medical advice. For specific medical information and advice, please consult your physician.

Privacy Policy

At McMillen Health and at www.mcmillenhealth.org, we strongly believe in an individual’s right to privacy.

In the event any personal information is collected, McMillen Health will not sell, rent, lease, loan or provide personal information in any way to a third-party.