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Securing health education for future generations

Designating Your Legacy Gift

You can make your own legacy!
Ensuring the causes you support, like McMillen Health, are around for years to come is important to you. That’s why you give to this cause! But how can you make sure McMillen Health will be around for future generations? Through Planning Giving, you can take simple steps today to ensure a healthy tomorrow for generations to come.

What is Planned Giving?
Planned Giving allows generous individuals to make larger gifts to charitable organizations, such as McMillen Health, than they could make from ordinary income. It is a forward-thinking approach to giving that is planned because often individuals can designate assets that: 1) are not liquid yet 2) have tax consequences, and/or 3) are generally transferred via a will or other written means.

How do I move forward with a Planned Gift?
Planned Giving is easier than you may think, and you do not need to be wealthy to do it. It could be as easy as naming your favorite charity in your will or trust for a modest amount, or a gift of house and property. There is an easy option that is right for you!

It could be assets you have never thought of
Planned Giving doesn’t mean you have to create something new to ensure the cause you support continues for years to come. A planned gift could include a life insurance policy, real estate, stocks, business holdings, a checking or savings account, and more. All of these assets could be considered planned gifts.

How will I be recognized if I decide to include McMillen Health in my Planned Giving?
Designating a planned gift to McMillen Health automatically makes you a member of McMillen Health’s Legacy Society. Legacy Society members receive recognition in publications and receive invitations to special events. In addition to the satisfaction of making a meaningful gift, most planned gifts have immediate and/or long-term tax benefits. The “About Legacy Giving” attachment below can help you find the type of gift that is right for you. Consult with your financial advisor or estate planner and join the McMillen Health Legacy Society today!

Why McMillen Health?
Your legacy gift secures health education for future generations for years to come! McMillen Health has continually grown from innovative leadership since our establishment in 1981. Your legacy gift is promised to make a lasting impact for all lives we touch through our vital health education programs, resources, and media.

About Legacy Giving

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