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Active Healthy Families

Active Healthy Families for Childcare Providers

Childcare providers play an important role in the health of the children in their care. Children who are in full-time childcare may eat two meals a day and two snacks a day at their sitter. Childcare providers need to know how to make healthy choices!

Earning an Active Healthy Families Childcare Certificate in Nutrition shows parents you care about the health of their children and allows them to have peace of mind knowing their child will be physically active and fed healthy foods. It’s also a great marketing tool – families are more likely to use a childcare provider when they know that provider is helping their children to stay healthy!

The Active Healthy Families Childcare Certificate in Nutrition can be earned by:

  • Completing the enrollment form – there is no charge to earn the certificate or for any of the materials.
  • Watching the six videos and passing a post-test after each video.
  • Agreeing to follow the Active Healthy Families Childcare Policy.
After you complete the steps above we will email your certificate, a color copy of the Active Healthy Families Childcare Policy and a PDF of the Active Healthy Families logo to put on your childcare materials within two business days. Click here to get started!

Active Healthy Families for Parents

Active Healthy Families is for parents or caregivers who want to give the children in their lives a healthy start! How families eat has changed – fast food isn’t a special treat anymore, it’s a regular part of most kids’ lives. Today many children drink far more soda pop than milk, and eat more chips and cookies than vegetables.

One in three children is overweight, but parents have the power to make positive changes! The Active Healthy Families videos and materials can give you the knowledge to make healthier food choices and keep kids active.

If your child is in childcare, your childcare provider plays an important role in their health. Talk to your provider about what they are feeding your child and how much physical activity your child receives. Encourage your childcare provider to complete our free Nutrition Certificate Program and to follow our Active Healthy Families Childcare Policy.

Video Library

Once you have finished watching the video above, fill out the form below to take the Active Healthy Families certification test.