Choices Today, Options Tomorrow


Choices Today, Options Tomorrow is an 8 session abstinence-based curriculum for Indiana teens in grades 9-12. The goal of the curriculum is to equip youth with practical skills, knowledge and confidence to stand up for healthy life choices in the areas of sexual activity and related risky behaviors. The curriculum was developed with the needs of our more conservative schools in mind, and gives the opportunity to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy while holding to the values of your school district.

Choices Today, Options Tomorrow is free to Indiana schools and community groups. Sessions can be taught by McMillen Health educators either in the classroom or live through Field Trip Zoom, which requires only classroom equipment and an internet connection.

To schedule your sessions, contact Shannon Gleason: or call (260) 456-4511


For 39 years, McMillen Health has been teaching youth about reproductive health and giving them accurate information about how their bodies work. Our educators typically only have one 60 to 90 minute session with youth and are often frustrated at the lack of time they have to teach the skills, such as positive decision making, that prevent teen pregnancy. With funding through the Abstinence Grant from the Indiana State Department of Health, we have been able to develop an expanded curriculum, Choices Today, Options Tomorrow, and can offer this education at no cost to our Indiana schools.

Adolescents in today’s world have a vast amount of information at their fingertips, but often have difficulty understanding how to discern what is accurate information and how the decisions they are making today will affect their future. The Choices Today, Options Tomorrow curriculum aims to provide factual information to students on the topics of pregnancy, STIs, HIV, and associated risky behaviors. This curriculum not only provides students with the facts they need to make wise choices, but also facilitates the understanding that specific choices have certain consequences. Abstinence is emphasized as the only 100% effective way to prevent unplanned pregnancies and STIs, and the best way for students to achieve future goals. This curriculum is designed to be interactive, with the intention that students will view abstinence as a positive step towards achieving their future plans.

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