COVID-19: E-Learning Options for Your Students

We are actively working to make all offered programs in an E-Learning format during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call us today to see if the program you are interested in is available in this format at (888) 240-7268 or email Twila at We will continue to evaluate the situation weekly and make necessary changes as new information evolves. We appreciate your continued dedication to health education for students of all ages and abilities.

Program topics include:

*Human Growth and Development programs are only being offered in this format during COVID-19. We understand this is a sensitive topic that is best presented live and in-person, however, we must adapt to our students’ needs during this pandemic.

Grant funding is available

Grant funding is available to cover the cost of most these programs if you reside in the following counties:

Allen, Cass, DeKalb, Grant, Huntington, LaGrange, Miami, Noble, Steuben, or Whitley

Stay Informed!

We encourage you to stay informed about COVID-19 by visiting the following sites which are not specific to any region or state as we understand our students reside throughout the globe:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Johns Hopkins Map – Global Cases of COVID-19

World Health Organization – Coronavirus

COVID-19 Informational Handout PDF

COVID-19 Announcement (March 16, 2020)